Our Mission

Caleb's Mission exists to answer the call of the church to act as the hands and feet of Christ by partnering with churches and organizations that share our conviction to serve.

Caleb's Goals

  • Serve Christ through practical and relational ministry
  • Challenge people to take action based on faith
  • Equip pastors with the facilities needed to expand their ministry
  • Engage local communities to assist those in need
  • Coordinate relief efforts for those affected by natural disasters

"Building this church has been a vision of ours for seven years.  Your team has helped us to see it come alive.  Thank you so much"


Pastor Warren Vanover

Stark Untied Methodist Church

"Thank God you guys showed up this year or we would never have gotten this church done on time."


Shane Price


The Lives We Impact

Caleb's Mission

...because the hands and feet of Christ should have a few callouses

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